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Intermediate Lessons

Click on the Subject link for the lesson.
Some of the lessons have an embedded quiz; those which have a separate quiz or
an additional quiz will also have a "quiz" link.

Subject Abstract Quiz

Responder Strong Jump Shift (Quick Reference Guide)

Two page summary of requirements and second round rebids


Raising Responder's Major with 3-Card Support

Using 2NT (NF) as Game Invitational


1430 Review (Notes)

Slides with notes


1430 Review

When and how to use 1430 KeyCard Ask


Kibitz Ken (2018-05-17)

Slides with notes


Kibitz Ken (2018-05-03)

Slides with notes


Negative Doubles II

Opener's rebids


Negative Doubles I

Criteria and common sequences


Reverses I

Introduction to Reverses


Points to Master (Major Suit Raises II)

Diamond Drury & Intro to Cue-bid Raises