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vClub Game Schedule (on BBO)

Updated August 16, 2020

All games are currently conducted online as an ACBL Virtual Club (vClub) on BBO. Here's a document with details about our vClubs and how to register on BBO.

The game schedule below is the regular SCBC lineup of vClub games on BBO. As there are occasionally changes from this schedule, please check the online Game Calendar for confirmed times and dates.

If you need more information or want to arrange for a partner, please send an email to

Table fees listed are the regular charge in BB$. Special games may have a small additional fee which is noted in the online Game Calendar. Robots are not allowed, unless noted. The document linked above also describes Mentor-Mentee game MP qualifications.

Day Time Game Level Game Notes Table Fee Director
Mon11:45AM$6.00Ken Gamble
Mon7:00PMMentor-Mentee$5.00Jonni Faircrest
Tue11:45AM$5.00Jonni Faircrest
Tue6:00PMFree Review Wed AM$6.00Ken Llacera
Tue6:30PMFast Pairs; Robots allowed$3.00Ken Gamble
Wed11:45AM$6.00Ken Llacera
Wed7:00PMMentor-Mentee$6.00Ken Llacera
Thu11:45AM$6.00Ken Llacera
Thu7:00PMMentor-Mentee$5.00Jonni Faircrest
Fri11:45AM$6.00Ken Gamble
Fri2:00PM$6.00Ken Gamble
Fri7:00PMRobots allowed$6.00Ken Gamble
Sat10:00AM$6.00Ken Llacera
Sat10:30PM$6.00Ken Llacera
Sun11:45AM$6.00Ken Gamble
Sun6:00PM$6.00Ken Gamble