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99er Lessons (Review)

Click on the Subject link for the lesson.
Some of the lessons have an embedded quiz; those which have a separate quiz or
an additional quiz will also have a "quiz" link.

Subject Abstract Quiz

Declarer Play Finesses I

Slides with notes, 16 pages


Overcalls I

Simple Overcalls (non-jump)


Defensive Signals I (Attitude)

How to use attitude signals


Real Leads I

Quiz 9: Leads in the Real World


Leads versus Suit Contracts I

Lead Guidelines vs Suit Contracts


Leads versus NT II

Lead Guidelines vs 3NT


Leads versus NT I

Lead Guidelines vs 1NT - 3NT


1NT Overcall I

Partner overcalls 1NT


Jacoby Transfers II (Interference)

Opponents interfere with Jacoby Transfer


Jacoby Transfers I

Basic Jacoby and Texas Transfers


Stayman II

Stayman when Responder holds 5-4 in the majors


Stayman I

Basic Stayman