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Export Game Dates


  1. Select year and either month or quarter for which game dates are desired.
    Note: Quarter take precedent over month.
  2. Enter your ACBL number to use your Partner schedule as a selector.
    Note: A Partner schedule with Optional Selectors typically adds game dates without a partner specified.
  3. Choose any of the Optional Selectors.
  4. Click on the "Export Game Dates" button.
  5. Save the generated file.
  6. Import into your personal calendar, e.g. Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook Express, or other calendar programs.

Select year:
Select month or Quarter: or
Enter your ACBL Number
for Partner schedule
Optional Selectors 
DaysSun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Game LevelOpen NLM 299er 49er