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Beginning Bridge Adds Evening Session

Beginning Bridge classes start Wednesday, January 15. You can choose either the afternoon sessions: 12:30P to 2:30P or the evening sessions 5:30P to 7:30P, or whichever is convenient. Afternoons with Nancy Wainer or evenings with Bette Harken, you can't miss getting a great lesson. Sessions continue on Wednesdays for 10 weeks. First class is FREE! Continuing classes are $10 per session. Tell your friends about this terrific opportunity to play the game you love!

This class is appropriate for brand new beginners or those who learned to play long ago and want to update their skills. Class space is limited; reservation requested for first class. Contact Nancy or Bette by email for additional information.

New Years Resolutions For Bridge Players

It's the time of year to make those New Year's resolutions, and we have some suggestions for bridge players that will be much easier to keep than those "losing weight" and "getting in shape" resolutions. If we all make the effort, the bridge playing experience will be a positive one for every player.

2020 Resolutions

  • I will remember the Golden Rule and treat my partner, opponents and the director in a courteous manner---exactly as I would want to be treated!
  • I will arrive on time----at least 10-15 minutes before the game
  • I will turn my cell phone off before the game begins
  • I will welcome new players and introduce myself and my partner
  • My partner and I will each have a completed convention card at the table; I realize that the convention card is for the benefit of our opponents so I will not refer to it during the auction or play
  • Before looking at my cards, I will count them and be sure that I have 13 cards!
  • I will not touch the bidding box until I am ready to make a bid
  • When bidding, I will do so in tempo as I realize long pauses may give my partner unauthorized information
  • When making an initial lead, I will be sure to place my card face down until it is accepted by my partner----this will avoid those leads out of turn!
  • I will not snap my cards
  • At the end of play, I will not mix up my cards until everyone agrees on the result
  • If I am a North player, I will pass my boards by the end of the round or pass completed boards if we are behind
  • If I make a claim, I will do so by clearly explaining my line of play. If I do not do so, I understand that my opponents should not ask me to show my line of play rather call the director
  • I will refrain from making my own rulings at the table! I will call the director for any irregularity. I realize the director is there to make the game fair and equitable
  • I will complete each round in the allotted time as I understand that duplicate bridge is a timed event, that slow play is a violation of bridge law subject to penalty and that these penalties are well deserved when slow pairs disrupt the normal progression of the game
  • I will always wait until the end of the game (not the board or the round) for postmortems
  • FINAL RESOLUTION: I resolve to have fun and promote this great game of bridge to anyone and everyone!