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Santa Cruz Bridge Center
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News Latest News Wednesday, Dec 6th 2023

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December games with EXTRA Points

  • Royal STaC Games 12/4-12/10: Tuesday, Wednesday Eve, Thursday Pro-Am, Friday
  • Sunday Unit Game: December 17th, Sectional Rated Points
  • Thursday Pro-Am: December 21st, Club Championship 2x Points
  • Friday Unit Game: December 29th, Sectional Rated Points

"Sectional Rated Points" are about 1.8x of Club Rated.

Dolores Abrams Game Rescheduled

Due to a power outage, the **Free** Dolores Abrams Memorial Game with extra points will be rescheduled for early 2024. Please watch this space for the new date.

Sunday Brunch & Game December 17 at 11:15A & Game at Noon

Another delightful "Bunch by Heather" prior to the Sunday Noon game. This Brunch & Game is earlier in the month due to the holidays.

December 4th - 10th is Royal STaC week at the SCBC!

Royal STaC

This new F2F-only tournament features GOLD (25%), RED (25%), SILVER (25%) and BLACK (25%) points.

Morning games are scheduled at 10A for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and, an evening game at 6P on Wednesday. Please note: the Thursday Pro-Am moves to the first Thursday to take advantage of the extra points!

Your game fee remains at $10 because Unit 550 is paying the extra cost for all players!

This is a terrific opportunity to win Gold, Silver and Red points at the bridge center. Call your partners now and arrange a game or two!

Latest Member Newsletter

Your Member Newsletter is hot off the pages of Leslie Davidson, SCBC Marketing Director. You'll find lots of "news-worthy" articles here, including an indepth profile of Jim Miller, a relatively new member. Newsletters are also posted to SCBC Info, which can be accessed from the home page of our website. Here's a direct link.