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Santa Cruz Bridge Center
2450 17th Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Cruz,CA 95062

News Latest News March 27st

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SCBC Temporary Closure

Here's a link for special "senior and vulnerable people" shopping days and hours at major grocery stores in Santa Cruz County. Also, you can order online at Nob Hill for pick-up; this worked well except fresh fruit.

The temporary closure of the SCBC facility continues. Current assessment is for the SCBC to remain closed through the end of May. At this point, there's no known case of any SCBC member having tested positive for the disease.

Ken Gamble has been running three games a day on BBO. We all applaud his work to give us competitive bridge while we practice social distancing.

There will be club games with masterpoints coming to BBO. Although all the details are not available yet, we hope to be running online games by the second week of April. In order to participate you must have a BBO account. To create a BBO account, go to, click "Login/Register" (top right), click "Become a member (free!)" and lastly create a BBO username and password (yes, another password!). Be sure to enter your ACBL number and the other info.

If you are already a member but didn't include your ACBL number when you created your BBO account, you need to add it now. Here's the link to update your ACBL number on BBO. The new games with masterpoint awards will have a table fee. These fees will benefit the club, help pay the SCBC rent, pay the director and the ACBL. On BBO you pay with BB$. To play in the new games, you will need to purchase BB$; here's the link.