Date: March 6, 2009



To: Unit 550 Members


From: Unit Board of Directors


Subject: Town Hall Meeting Results


Thanks to all the SC Bridge Center members that participated in the Town Hall meeting. The comments and input into the problem of the Unit deficits were constructive and valuable. Attached is the summary of the voting of the members preferences regarding the suggested actions that could be adopted.


At the March 6th meeting, the Unit Board discussed at length the results of the Town Hall meeting. The Board decided to pursue fundraising activities first even though raising the table fees received the most support. It was the consensus of the Board that fundraising may well solve the deficit problem without an increase in the table fees. However, if the fundraising is insufficient, the issue of raising the table fees will be reconsidered.


Teri Handzel, a new member, has volunteered to head the effort to hold an upscale rummage sale in late May or June. More details will be sent to you shortly about this event. Also, a sub committee of the Board consisting of Ken Llacera, Barry Samuel, Pam Benz and Bruce Dau will continue to explore other fundraising options as suggested at the Town Hall Meeting.