2009 Unit 550 Extended KO Teams
Conditions of Contest

Start date: March 28, 2009
End date: June 30 2009

FORMAT OF EVENT: The initial game will be in the Swiss format, all subsequent matches will be single elimination knockouts. For brackets A and B in the initial game, round one will seeded by average master points for each four person team. Any team with a player that has more than 299 master points must play in either Bracket A or B.

MEMBERSHIP: Teams will consist of no more than four players. Substitutes may be added with the specific approval of the Coordinator after the entries has been closed.

LENGTH OF MATCHES: Matches will be of 24 Boards played in 12-board halves.

LENGTH OF EVENT: The first match will be in the Swiss format at the March 28th Unit Game for A and B Brackets. The first match for Bracket C (no player with more than 299 master points) will be Tuesday, April 7. At least the top 60% in each bracket will advance. Subsequent KO matches must be played during regularly scheduled games at the SC Bridge Center during the next calendar month. Team captain will have responsibility for scheduling the match; the coordinator will resolve all conflict and disagreements. After the initial Swiss team match, the event will be a single knockout event and will continue until all teams but one in each bracket has lost a match.

BRACKETS: The Coordinator will set up the brackets. Teams will be placed in brackets based on the average Master points of the four-person team.

CAPTAIN'S RESPONSIBILITIES: These include, but are not limited to:
(a) payment of the $32.00 entry fee at the time initial Swiss match,
(b) arranging as early as practical with all other Captains the date and starting time of all matches;
(c) payment of the game fee ($28 per team) to the participating Director;
(d) agreement prior to start of play upon the minutes of lateness, if any; and
(e) all official team communication with the Coordinator, including reporting of results, appeals, claims of forfeit, requests for modification of team membership or captaincy, and proper advance notice
of all matches including the dates and official starting time. This notification should be provided to the Coordinator. The email with match results must be sent to the Coordinator within 24-48 hours of the completion of each match.

SCHEDULING: All Captains are encouraged to schedule and play matches as soon as possible. Subsequent KO matches must be played during regularly scheduled games at the SC Bridge Center with the supervision of a SC Bridge Center Director during the next calendar month. If agreement between two opposing Captains canít be reached, the Coordinator is to set the date and time of the matches.

LINEUP PROCEDURES: The Coordinator will assign teams to play subsequent matches (those after the initial Swiss match) within each bracket based upon a random draw.

TARDINESS: Arriving late to a match is a discourtesy to your teammates and opponents. The section below describes the penalties for lateness. These penalties may be appealed to the Coordinator but are not subject to discussion by the participants. Such discussion can only further delay the match and cause increased penalties. The only appropriate discussion of tardiness is that the team captains must agree on the time that each team was prepared to begin play.

DEFINITION OF STARTING TIME: The starting time of a match is defined as either the scheduled starting time (which should have been sent to the Coordinator when the match was scheduled) or the time at which four members of one team are ready to begin play, whichever is later.

LATENESS PENALTIES: A penalty of three IMPs per each five minutes or fraction thereof after the first ten minutes of lateness with a maximum of 18 IMPs will be assessed against the late-arriving team. A team may appeal to the Coordinator in order to get the penalty reduced because of extenuating conditions. The Unit Board of Directors will decide the appeal of the Coordinators decision.

FORFIETURE: If a team is over 40 minutes late, the opposing Captain may call the Coordinator or, in his absence the Game Director, and request a win by forfeit. An attempt shall be made to reschedule the match in which case the offending team will be assessed an 18 IMP late penalty.

SLOW PLAY: Play is expected to progress at the rate of 7-1/2 minutes per board, or one hour and 30 minutes per 12 boards. Complaints of slow play may be made to the Game Director during the match or to the
Coordinator in writing when reporting the scores.

SUBSTITUTES: A team must field at least four members.If a sub is needed, the Coordinator must approve the player. The sub should not improve the team(no more than 50 MPs greater than the player being replaced should be the guideline). The sub should also not substantially weaken the team if the result would affect a third team. A sub may not be a member of another team still playing in this event. As a matter of courtesy, attempts should be made to notify the opposing team Captain. The opposing Captain may not appeal an approved substitution.

SMOKING: This event is non-smoking. Smoking breaks will be permitted.

FORFEITS: The intent of the Unit is to hold matches, and every effort will be made to have a match played rather than declared a forfeit.

QUALIFICATION: By ACBL rule, in order for a player to receive overall Master-point awards, a player must have played at least 50% of the total hands played by the team. A player must play half of the final match to receive master-points for winning the event.

CONVENTIONS: Mid-chart conventions will be allowed. Conventions not on the regional chart must be pre-alerted and defenses provided in writing. Special carding agreements and treatments must be pre-alerted.

TIE BREAKING: In the event of a tie, there will be four (4) board playoffs until the tie is broken. If either team prefers not to proceed with a playoff, the team captains, or their designees will flip a coin
to determine the winner.

RULINGS: In the case of an irregularity, a Director should be called. Appeals of any Director's ruling or any decision of the Coordinator must be filed in writing, hand-delivered or e-mailed within three days of the match by the captain or his designee. In order for an appeal to be timely, a Director may be called or notice of intention to call a Director made to the opponents before the start of play at both tables in the next segment, or sixty minutes after the completion of the segment. Such appeals will be promptly forwarded to an appropriate committee for review. A disinterested member of the Unit Board must approve the membership of any appeals committee.

INTERPRETATION OF RULES: The Coordinator has the authority to modify or interpret the rules in best interest of the event.

COORDINATOR: The Coordinator for this event is Bill McIntosh; he can be reached at (408) 842-4886.