American Contract Bridge League

Of Santa Cruz Unit 550, Inc.

October 8, 2008


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Hal Rodgers, October 8, 2008, at 3:47 pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center.


Present:  Jeanne Boss, Carol Maggipinto, Charlie Pender, Hal Rodgers, Don Seldeen, Bonnie Simon Absent:  John Hadley

Also attending: Sherry Gilbreath, Nancy Wainer and Pam Benz


Approval of Minutes – Charlie Pender moved to approve the minutes of the September 10, 2008 board meeting. Seconded by Don Seldeen.  Approved unanimously.



Expense Sharing Agreement – Hal Rodgers reviewed with the board a letter from club owner representative Nancy Wainer confirming her understanding of the conversation she and Hal had on September 19, 2008 regarding the Expense Sharing Agreement between the Club Owners and the Unit 550 Board.  Each item was discussed individually.  Clarification was requested on some items. It was agreed to move forward on what has been proposed.  Nancy agreed to re-write the letter based on the comments of the board and to have it ready for review at the November board meeting.  It was also proposed that, barring unforeseen circumstances, when approved, the Expense Sharing Agreement will stay in place until the next rent increase in 2012.


Treasurer’s Report – It was moved by Carol Maggipinto and seconded by Charlie Pender to accept the Treasurer’s report for September 2008.


New Business

2009 “Surf’s Up” Open Sectional and 2010 “Rising Stars” 299’er Sectional – Pam Benz reported that she has contacted ACBL to reserve the second weekend in October 2009 for the “Surfs Up” Open Sectional.

Bonnie Simon will contact ACBL to reserve the second weekend in March 2010 for the “Rising Stars” 299’er Sectional. 

Additional Unit Games – There was discussion of adding more unit games throughout the year to increase revenue to the unit.  Suggestions included a Sunday evening potluck or an additional Saturday afternoon game from time to time. Hal asked the board members to consider 2009 dates for additional unit games and bring their recommendations to the November meeting. There was discussion of increasing the fee for the unit game, however, it was decided that the fee for the unit game will not change. It was the consensus of the board that, effective with the November 2008 Unit game, individual board members will no longer be responsible for providing lunch at the Saturday unit games. The Unit will provide refreshments at some special games during the year.   SCBC members will be invited to sign up to bring snacks to share at the regular unit games.

Board Nominations – Carol Maggipinto presented the nominations for the five vacancies on the 2009 board.  Some additional names were suggested.  The finalized ballot will be emailed to SCBC members who receive bridge center information on line and can print off the ballot and deposit it at the bridge center.  Ballots will be available at the bridge center for those people not receiving a ballot on line.  Voting will be completed by December 5, 2008 and the election results announced at the December Unit Game.

Dolores Abrams Game – Discussion of fees for the Dolores Abrams Memorial Game was tabled until the November 2008 meeting.

Drip System – Carol Maggipinto presented a proposal from Stef Kearns via Ken Llacera to put in a drip system in the garden.  The cost is $300.  It was moved by Carol Maggipinto and seconded by Don Seldeen to approve the expenditure.  Approved unanimously.


Old Business

2008 “Surf’s Up” Open Sectional -  Pam Benz reported that everything is on schedule for the tournament.

2009 299’er “Rising Stars” Sectional – Bonnie Simon reported that the Masonic Temple in Santa Cruz will be the site for the March 14 – 15, 2009 299’er sectional.  She and Jane Jennings will co-chair the tournament, and Shirley Passaro will be the partnership chair.  Bonnie circulated a copy of the flyer announcing the tournament for the board to review.

Pick-a-Square Lottery – It was agreed to continue the lottery and to do more to promote the lottery at bridge center games.

District Goodwill Member of the Year  - The Unit received a letter from the District 21 Goodwill Chairman inviting nominations for District 21 Goodwill Member of the Year. Jeanne Boss will post an announcement on the Unit bulletin board. Nominations will be reviewed by the board at the November meeting.




Committee Reports

299’r Coordinator –  Nancy Wainer  - no report.

By-Laws – Don Seldeen, no report

Club Owners Liaison – Bonnie Simon, no report.

Education Liaison – Nancy Wainer – Nancy suggested that the unit consider asking Wayne Stuart to do a bridge lesson or workshop as a fund raiser for the unit

Facilities – Charlie Pender.  One of the toilets has been replaced.  The other will be replaced soon. Finance – Ken Llacera, absent no report

Hospitality –  See information under “New Business – Additional Unit Games”

Membership – Carol Maggipinto,  no report

Publicity – Bonnie Simon, no report

Sanctions – Hal Rogers, no report

Special Projects – John Hadley, absent no report

Webmaster – Ken Llacera, absent no report


The meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 12, 2008   3:30 pm at SCBC


Respectfully submitted,



Jeanne Boss

Recording Secretary