Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

American Contract Bridge League of Santa Cruz Unit 550, Inc.

February 13, 2008




Call to Order – President Mary Peterson called the meeting to order February 13, 2008 at 3:40 pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center.


Attendance – Present: Nancy Driscoll, John Hadley, Carol Maggipinto, Charlie Pender, Mary Peterson, Hal Rodgers, Don Seldeen, Bonnie Simon. Also attending: Sherry Gilbreath, Diana Schilling. Absent:  Jeanne Boss, Ken Llacera.


Pro Tem Secretary – In Jeanne’s absence, Diana Schilling is taking minutes at this meeting.


Approval of January 2008 Minutes – Hal Rodgers moved that the Board accept the minutes of the December 12, 2007 meeting. Motion carried.


Ad Hoc Committee on Expense Sharing Agreement – Susan Slinger will chair this effort, working with club owners to revise the 2002 Expense Sharing Agreement. The committee includes Nancy Driscoll, Hal Rodgers, Don Seldeen, Mary Peterson and Ken Llacera.


February Unit Game: Policy on Table Limit: Policy on Game Director’s Fee

Hal Rodgers moved that the Unit Game director’s compensation policy be set at $70 for a single section, plus $15 per game for an additional section, retroactive to December 2007, with no limitation on the number of tables. Motion carried.


Letter re Complaints – Board members were given an opportunity to read a letter given to Director Mark Hasey in response to four written complaints from players.


Treasurer’s Report – The report was approved as written.

2008 Budget – Carol Maggipinto moved the budget be approved, with one amendment being a change in Director’s Unit Game Fee as stated above. Motion carried.



Old Business


Garbage Can/Garden Project – Jack Simon completed the gate and fence project at a cost of $323.60. The board expressed their gratitude for his skill and efforts on behalf of SCBC.


Dolores Abrams Memorial Game Qualifications – Hal Rodgers moved the qualifications require players to be a member in good standing of Unit 550 and ACBL. Motion carried.


Beginner’s Lesson Report – Nancy Driscoll reported 32 new students attend on Monday evenings.


Outdoors Electrical Work/Skylight cover – Charlie Pender said that both projects would be completed by the next board meeting in March.



New Business


Open Sectional – Chairperson Pam Benz was absent.

A motion was carried to increase table fees to $9, which is in keeping with other District 21 sectionals.

Don Seldeen suggested that the current chairperson select a co-chair to assist her in preparation for chairing the following year’s event.

Nancy Driscoll said a 0 to 5 point section would be offered.  She moved that the unit subsidize $1 for non-ACBL members within this point category. Motion carried. 



299’er Sectional – Nancy Driscoll and Mary Peterson are co-chairing the event. Help is needed with hospitality.


Free Play Policy – Carol Maggipinto moved that the Unit board no longer fund free plays. Motion carried.


Unit-Sponsored Workshops –Charlie Pender moved that instructors receive $50 per hour (the current standard rate) for a Unit sponsored workshop. Motion carried.


Revenue Workshop – A group headed by Ken Llacera, with Bob Vatuone, Don Seldeen and Mary Peterson, is tasked with increasing our 2008 revenue.

It was agreed to keep Unit game table fees at the current $7. Bonnie Simon motioned that the board review the fees again in July. Motion carried.

John Hadley moved we proceed with Ken Llacera’s proposal for a Lotto Game. Motion carried.


Friends of SCBC – Mary Peterson and Ken Llacera are considering various proposals for a support group, subject to the board’s approval.


Marketing Workshop – The board and club owners will formulate a 2008 marketing strategy to recruit new players and to assist in the development of existing players. Carol reported discussions are ongoing as to how to draw people to the club and retain memberships.


Committee Reports


299er Coordinator – Nancy Driscoll. Looking into an exchange 299’er game with Hollister.

By-Laws – Don. As above.

Club Owner Liaison – Bonnie Simon. No report.

Education Liaison – Nancy Wainer. Absent.

Facilities – Charlie Pender. Stated above.

Finance – Ken Llacera. Absent.

Hospitality – Mary Peterson, the March Unit Game is Irish Stew provided by Nancy Driscoll.

Membership – Carol Maggipinto. Stated above.

Publicity/FORUM/Newsletter - Bonnie Simon. No report.

Sanctions – Hal Rodgers. Current through March.

Special Projects – John Hadley. Currently working on a board for the Lotto Game.

SCBC Website  - Ken Llacera. Absent. Ken to publish our new directory.

Surf’s Up Sectional – Pam Benz. The sectional is scheduled for October 11/12 but the date may change if Harbor High School needs the facility for Homecoming. We won’t know until June.


Next Meeting – Wednesday, March 12, 2008, 3:30 p.m. at SCBC.



Respectfully submitted,



Diana Schilling,

Pro Tem Secretary