July 11, 2007



CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by president Ken Llacera at 3:30pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center. 


PRESENT:  Lois Henry, Elena Laborde-Bishop, Ken Llacera, Carol Maggipinto, Joyce Martin, Mary Peterson, Diana Schilling, Nancy Wainer, Dick Wasserstrom.  ABSENT: Charlie Pender, Barbara Shepardson


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes of the June 13, 2007 board meeting were approved.




Surf’s Up (Open) Sectional  - October 13 and 14 are confirmed. Dick will mail flyers to other area clubs in August. Nancy Boyd is the Director, Tom Quinlan the second director. Dick confirmed hotel rooms for both directors. Charlie Pender agreed to transport club tables to the site the Friday before. Robin will supply caddies. Dick will email fliers to club directors asking that they be posted.


Carol Maggipinto moved, and Mary Peterson seconded a motion to use the 4 trophies donated by Mark Hasey for an event other than the Sectional, to be determined at a later time. The motion was approved.


Rising Stars 299er Sectional - The 2008 Rising Stars 299er Sectional is sanctioned for March 8-9. The Simpkins Swim Center has been reserved at no charge due to the intervention of Barry Samuel.  The room measures at 40 x 58 ½’, adequate for 24 to 28 tables. We are to remain at this location for the time being. A head of the tournament remains to be assigned.





SCBC Volunteer Day at NABC – Don Seldeen is chair for the Unit Volunteer Day at the nationals in San Francisco. Don will attend board meetings to report on his committee. It is suggested that room reservations be made ASAP to ensure availability.


Parking Stripes – A & B Sweeping and Marketing (462-0400) completed the striping. 


Uneven Paving and Inadequate Lighting in Back - The owner has no plans to improve uneven pavement or inadequate lighting in the back. Ken will provide him with a letter and photographs clarifying our safety concerns.


Expense Sharing Agreement – Section 3. Mary Peterson moved, and Lois Henry seconded a motion to establish $1830.67 as the correct amount as of July 1, 2007 that SCBA shall pay to the Unit by the 5th of each month, as SCBA’s share of fixed costs of the Bridge Center. The motion was approved.


The Expense Sharing Agreement will be updated and rewritten at a later date. Elena agreed to chair the effort.


September Hospitality – Virginia LeRoy will handle hospitality for the Unit Game.


Back Entry Improvements – Mary reported that $173.00 covered the cost of landscaping and the hose reel installation in the back. The work has been completed.


Nancy Wainer suggested the club provide buckets, with sand, in an effort to provide a more effective container to minimize the odor and appearance of cigarette butts. Ken will follow up with Charlie.


The Club Improvement Fund - Ideas are solicited for the allocation of the $385.00 fund balance with the recommendation that the work be completed by year’s end.





Club Owner’s Meeting – Sherry has requested signage designating one parking spot for the director.


Newsletter input and process – Nancy Wainer will encourage club owners to provide newsletter information to Pam as early as possible.  The process for updating the online calendar, which is also used for the printed newsletter is as follows:

·          Changes to the base calendar (regularly scheduled games) for the next quarter  must be provided to Ken by the 15th of the month prior to the month the newsletter is mailed. Example, for the 4Q Newsletter, which is mailed in September, the changes are due to Ken by August 15th.

·          Ken will then generate the next quarter’s base calendar.

·          The Club Owners will update the base calendar online by the 25th of the month prior to publication. The next deadline for input is August 25th.

·          The printed newsletter should be available at the bridge club the 15th through the 25th, prior to mailing the remainder.


Mary provided Nancy with the NABC letter for the Directors regarding donations for the 2007 Fall NABC in SFO.


ACBL Charity designation by Unit 550 – It was agreed the “overall winner” of September’s Unit Game may designate a charity of their choice.


2008 Unit Elections  - Carol will head a nominating committee to provide nominees for the next year’s four vacated seats. Players may be encouraged on line and at our unit game if interested in serving on the board. The nominee’s names will be presented at the August Board meeting. Ballots must be completed by early September to go out with the Newsletter.


2008 District Elections – Information was received and will be addressed at the September board meeting.






The treasurer’s financial report will be sent out when it is reconciled with the checking account.


The approved, Revised Budget II has a $900 deficit in rental income due to an incorrect assumption by Ken, which had the Club Owners making the additional $300 rent payment beginning in April rather than July. This error will be corrected in Budget Revision III.





Membership – Mary reported that ACBL requires strict adherence to their established guidelines for Golden Age Masters awards. Mary will request ACBL to provide a list of anyone above the age of 70. The goal is to present the awards at February’s Unit Game.


Facilities – Nothing was reported beyond the aforementioned items.


Hospitality – Mary suggested and a motion was made and passed that the November Unit game would be dedicated as “Director Appreciation Day”.  Mary will handle hospitality, organize the event, and invite all the directors.



NEXT BOARD MEETING:  Wednesday, August 8, 2007, following noon game.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



Diana Schilling