OF SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, UNIT 550, INC.             

                                                                        August 15, 2006


CALL TO ORDER:  Called to order at 2:30 P.M.


PRESENT:  Joyce Martin,  Barbara Shepardson, Elena Laborde-Bishop, Wayne Boss, Diana Shilling, Ken Llacera and Virginia Le Roy


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM July 11, 2006:  The motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes as written.



Diana Shilling discussed the September Sectional.   She has found Caddies for the Swiss  Teams.  Charlie Pender will post signs.  There are sign ups sheets for assistance with set up and take down as well as donations of food.


We have been carrying Directors and Officers Insurance.  ACBL will now buy for everyone with no charge to the local club.  This will save us about $400/year.  We will keep our current coverage until we are certain that this insurance is covering our club.


There was a request from the Game Director for payment of $100.00 for not holding a Sunday game during the 299er sectional.  There was a discussion.  It was moved, seconded and passed to pay $100.00 to Mark Hasey.  We had intended that his working at the Sectional was to cover this payment. This was not clear to all involved and Wayne will clarify our position on this for future sectionals.


We are still looking for persons to run for the positions on the board.  There will be 4 vacancies.    


We have discussed having one of the directors on the board.  It would take a by-law amendment.   We are a 501 c entity under the Rules of the Internal  Revenue Service.  This is because of the Dolores Abrams Legacy.  We will table this for now.


We discussed having one of the board members attend the directors meetings.  We would take turns doing this.  A motion was made, 2nd and passed to do this.     


NEW BUSINESS:  We have had many complaints about taking the water filter system out of the kitchen.  We will check on the cost of replacing it.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Sam presented us with the Financial Reports.  It was moved, seconded and passed to approve them.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  In October we will be having the annual Dolores Abraham Unit game.   It is free so we must limit the number of tables. 


Our next meeting is September 12, 2006


Adjourned 3:50P.M.


Respectfully Submitted


Virginia Le Roy, Secretary