From our President

In the last Newsletter I reported on two issues under consideration by the Board--a Slow Play Policy and an Investment Policy. The Board decided after consultation with the game directors to educate and encourage players who are chronically slow to take into consideration the other players and speed up their play. The game directors have the responsibility to deal with each situation on a case-by-case basis. Individual players have the right to bring problems of slow play to the game directors attention. The game directors have agreed to make the issue of chronic slow play a priority.
Regarding the Investment Policy, the board has developed a policy and appointed an Investment Advisory Committee to give investment ideas and recommendations to the Board. At this point in time the Board's policy is to restrict our investments to US Government guaranteed income-producing securities; this may change in the future as circumstances change. The committee members are: Sam Badawi, (Chair), Dick Arthur, Jeff Belden, Wayne Boss, Kel Pierce, and Bob Vatuone.

--Wayne Boss

2005 Sectional--We Need Your Help
We need members to help with the Sectional 3 ways:

  1. Attend. Good local support is essential to our success. Please make plans to attend at least one game. Bring a friend and/or a potential new ACBL member. Besides it will be fun and if you play your cards right you'll get Silver.
  2. Help out. Sign up to bring food and help Shirley Passaro with setup. The success of any sectional is very dependent upon on the hospitality of the host unit and your help is needed. Look for the signup sheets on the Unit bulletin board.
  3. Tell people about the new location. This year we've moved to Harbor High School. Tell everybody, including club members, about the new location.
New Website
We have a new website, thanks to the efforts of Michael Roberts. New features include a calendar for the upcoming quarter, results for the whole quarter, the newsletter, and many more. Log on at and explore it. Michael Roberts single-handedly did this work at no cost to the Unit. Please make an effort to thank Michael the next time you see him. Thanks Michael!
Way to go 199ers--Marge Clancey, Gloria McCammon, Vicki Kuhlmann and Virginia LeRoy

Unit 550 Board of Directors
Wayne Boss - President
Shirley Passaro - 1st Vice President
Susan Bertken - 2nd Vice President
Sam Badawi - Treasurer
Joyce Martin - Secretary
Barbara Shepardson - Hospitality
Betty Nash - Ex Officio
Jerry Goodell, Annamae Hackwood,
and Diana Schilling - At Large

GameS and Directors

Bernie Bertonis (831) 247-3343 ( Monday  and Wednesday evening open
Robin Evenden 462-5367 ( Second Saturday monthly unit games
Sherry Gilbreath 438-7222  Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon open
Mark Hasey 427-2112 ( Thursday evening open and Sunday afternoon NLM
Bill McIntosh (408) 842-4886 ( Tuesday morning open and Saturday special games
Nancy Wainer 465-1234 ( Tuesday evening NLM