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Dolores Abrams Memorial Game

The Dolores Abrams Memorial Game is this Saturday, November 16 with lunch, cake & "bubblies" provided by the Unit. There are two sections: Open and 299er. The maximum number of tables is 20. Please sign-up for priority seating.

The game starts at 10A. There will be a short break for lunch, to celebrate "Dee" and remembering the SCBC members who passed away during the year. Please email with questions, partner request or to sign-up.

Game Dates In Your Personal Calendar

You can extract game dates from the SCBC online calendar. You can even set up a personal partner schedule in the "Update Your Info" app. The generated dates may be downloaded to your calendar program on your computer or phone. Click on "Game Dates" in the app box in the banner line of your browser. Note: This functionality is available only to members with an account on the SCBC website.

If you need any assistance to create a personal partner schedule or to download the dates to your calendar, contact Ken Llacera for assistance.

Unit 550 Board of Directors Election

Each year five Board members are elected to the Unit 550 Board of Directors for two-year terms. The Nomination Committee has now identified two candidates, in addition to three Board members who agreed to serve another term. The deadline for accepting nominations for the official ballot has been passed.

As there are no other candidates, these five will be elected by acclaimation, as specified in Section 7.5(a) of Unit 550 Bylaws, unless 5 other members of Unit 550 request in writing (or email) a formal election prior to November 1.