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Masterpoint Winners
Click Sat Aft (07/04) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Jonni Faircrest-Sal Turano 65.56 1st B 1.20
Ken Llacera-Mick Friedberg 62.22 2nd A 0.84
Si Wasserstrom-Dick Wasserstrom 60.56 3rd A 0.60
Susan Benich-Pam Benz 52.78 2nd B 0.45
John Miller-Lynn Shannon 51.67 5th A 0.24
Carol Avenmarg-Rick Zinman 50.56 3rd B 0.32
Steve Smith-Alan Chase 44.44 1st C 0.32
Jerry Kibbey-Angie Millslagle 43.33 2nd C 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Fri Eve (07/03) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Lani Ray-Carol Avenmarg 66.67  C 0.80
Unknown -Unknown 56.48  C 0.56
Dick Wasserstrom-Charlie Pender 52.78  C 0.40
Masterpoint Winners
Click Fri Aft (07/03) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Robin Baker-Feney Matthews 67.36  C 0.80
Nancy **Not Available**-Unknown 61.81  C 0.56
Gloria Reiss-Steve Nelson 56.25  C 0.40
Betsy Allen-Michael Kerner 54.17  C 0.28
Masterpoint Winners
Click Fri AM (07/03) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Ken Gamble-Ken Llacera 68.57 1st A 0.70
Sydney Reuben-Tom Burke 56.83 1st C 0.49
Robin Messenheimer-Robin McDuff 53.25 1st C 0.70
Carol Avenmarg-Alan Chase 53.10 2nd B 0.49
Unknown -Abby Cohen 52.94 3rd A 0.35
Diana Schilling-Joanne Bruno 51.19 3rd A 0.35
Gary Oing-John Benich 50.24 2nd B 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Thu Eve (07/02) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Josh Karter-Rick Zinman 63.89  C 1.00
John Walker-Jonni Faircrest 62.50  C 0.70
Harold Wasserstrom-Joanne Wicker 55.56  C 0.50
Gail Matthews-Jill Davidson 50.69  C 0.35
Masterpoint Winners
Click Thu AM (07/02) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Ken Llacera-Jim Slinger 61.11 1st A 1.20
Dick Wasserstrom-Mick Friedberg 60.56 2nd A 0.84
Sal Turano-John Hullman 60.00 1st B 0.64
Bob Price-Ken Gamble 59.44 4th A 0.42
Rick Zinman-Alan Chase 55.00 1st C 0.45
Gary Oing-John Benich 51.67 2nd C 0.32
Masterpoint Winners
Click Wed Eve (07/01) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Sydney Reuben-Ken Llacera 60.42  C 1.00
Marti Jones-Angie Millslagle 59.03  C 0.70
Mary Dean-Pam Benz 53.47  C 0.50
Michael Burk-David Harken 52.08  C 0.35
Masterpoint Winners
Click Wed Aft (07/01) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Susan Slinger-Jim Slinger 63.49 1st A 0.80
Alan Chase-Robin McDuff 60.71 1st C 0.80
Deb Dotters-Vern Katz 58.78 2nd C 0.56
Mick Friedberg-Ken Gamble 56.45 3rd A 0.40
Shirley Llacera-Ken Llacera 54.76 2nd A 0.56
Steve Smith-John Wesolowski 54.51 1st B 0.40
Bharat Kamdar-Hemant Vaidya 53.97 1st C 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Tue Eve (06/30) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Lester Loops-Tom Burke 68.06  C 0.80
Ken Girouard-Gloria Reiss 66.67  C 0.56
Michael Kerner-Betsy Allen 52.78  C 0.34
Carol Cowen-Steve Nelson 52.78  C 0.34
Masterpoint Winners
Click Tue AM (06/30) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Mick Friedberg-Ken Llacera 59.13 1st A 0.70
Judy Murdock-Marti Jones 57.94 1st C 0.70
Gary Oing-Diana Schilling 57.94 2nd A 0.49
Bob Price-Ken Gamble 57.54 2nd A 0.49
Alan Chase-Rick Zinman 52.38 2nd C 0.35
Sal Turano-Jonni Faircrest 52.38 3rd A 0.35
Gloria Reiss-Harold Wasserstrom 47.62 1st C 0.32
Mike Burtch-John Benich 47.22 2nd B 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Mon Eve (06/29) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Angie Millslagle-Carol Avenmarg 62.50  C 0.60
Gloria Reiss-Ken Gamble 56.25  C 0.42
News Headlines
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12:15P Games Move to 11:45AM Starting Friday, 6/26

All vClub games which started at 12:15P are rescheduled to 11:45AM beginning Friday, June 26. We have been requested to make this change by BBO and The Common Game. The online Game Calendar has been updated to reflect this change.

The reason for this change is technical; contact Ken Llacera for details.

ACBL Cancels All NABC and Regionals

As stated in an email to members, "Due to the ongoing risk posed by the coronavirus, the ACBL is canceling the 2020 Fall North American Bridge Championships, scheduled for November 26-December 6, 2020, in Tampa FL. The ACBL will not staff any sectionals or regionals with tournament directors for the remainder of 2020. This removes any possibility for face-to-face tournaments during the balance of the year. It is the right thing to do. The safety of our members, the community most at risk for COVID-19, and our employees is of paramount importance to us. At this time, we cannot ask players or staff to travel and risk exposure...."

Virtual Clubs on BBO

All games are currently conducted online as an ACBL Virtual Club (vClub) on BBO. Here's a document with details about our vClubs and how to register on BBO.

SCBC Temporary Closure

Here's a link for special "senior and vulnerable people" shopping days and hours at major grocery stores in Santa Cruz County. You can order online at many grocery stores as well.

The temporary closure of the SCBC facility continues. The Unit Board of Directors' policy is to keep the SCBC facility closed until face-to-face (F2F) bridge is again safe. This period may extend far past the date local health directives allow most activities to resume due to the nature of F2F bridge and because our members are in a high-risk category.

Who We Are: We are seven bridge clubs authorized within Unit 550. We host ACBL-sanctioned bridge games every day at the SCBC. Our goal is to give you the best bridge playing environment.

Games: There are daily and evening games open to players of all levels with some games reserved for novice and/or intermediate players. Some games feature an optional meal at a nominal cost. If you need information about a game or a partner, please contact any one of us listed below, call us at the SCBC, or send us an email at scbc.director@gmail.com.

Bridge ClubO w n e r / D i r e c t o rP h o n e
Bridge4FunJan Winham(831) 291-0479
Santa CruzUnit 550 Board of Directors(831) 465-1102
Bridge BecauseRobin Evenden(831) 462-5367
FinesseMary Pulliam(831) 295-2051
ScratchJonni Faircrest(831) 531-8375
Santa Cruz DuplicateKen Llacera(831) 426-4949
MonarchMark Hasey(831) 427-2112

Schedule: View our regular schedule by clicking on Schedule. Alternatively, you can click on Calendar to view specific games for any day, meals offered and changes to the regular schedule.

Results: Game results are immediately available via the Results dropdown menu. You can also view a game's results by going to the Calendar and clicking on (includes hand records) or (results only).

Classes: A variety of lessons on bridge for beginning social players as well as experienced duplicate players wanting to reach the "next level" are available. Use the Learn Bridge dropdown menu at the left to see our current classes. Other learning materials are listed as well. The Calendar provides specific days for offered classes.

Note: Please observe our non-smoking, fragrance-free environment.

We look forward to seeing you at the tables!

Nancy, Jan, Mark, Robin, Mary and Jonni

Images of Santa Cruz waters provided by: