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News Latest News October 16th

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Surf's Up Thanks!

The 2017 Surf's Up Sectional was a terrific success. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to put on the event and to those who donated food items and money.

Dor and Vicki did a superb job in organizing and running the Sectional!

Results are posted to the SCBC website, in addition to ACBL Live.

Thursday Afternoon Game

The Thursday Afternoon game is restarting October 19. Limited to pairs averaging less than 750 MPs, it begins at 10AM with a 45-minute lesson taught by Ken Llacera. The game consist of 24 boards or less. The lesson and game is $10. You are welcome to just come for the game for $8. If you can only make the lesson, it is $5. There will be a short lunch break but you must bring your own lunch. The session will wrap up at approximately 2:15P.

Bridge Camp continues the 1st Thursday of the month.

Please contact Ken with any question about the game or to request a partner: (831) 426-4949; via email to Thursday Game.

Bergen's Rules For Being A Good Partner

16. When you voluntarily choose to play with someone, it is not "fair" to get upset when partner does not play any better than usual.

Making Our Game Better

Here's a couple of tips to make our game better and more pleasant for everyone:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before game time
  • Check your cell phone before the game starts and turn it off or on silence
  • Make your lead before recording the contract
  • Delay any discussion of the previous hand until you have a break or after the game