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Games with Extra Points

Unit 550 & Club Owners are ending the year with games featuring twice or three times the number of Masterpoints typically awarded. The online calendar lists them as "Club Champ" or "Club Membership" respectively. There is no extra charge for these games. Check with the Director if you need a partner.

Unit 550 Board Election

Congratulations to the newest Board members for 2018-2019:

  • Gary Oing
  • Laura McCabe
  • Sydney Reuben

Bergen's Rules For Being A Good Partner

19. Learn your Partner's style, regardless of how you feel about it. Do not expect Partner to bid exactly as you would.

20. Picture problems, bidding/defense, from Partner's viewpoint. Choose the bid/play that makes her life easier.

21. (Last) Sympathize with Partner if she/he makes a mistake. Let Partner know you like her/him and always root for her/him 100%.

Making Our Game Better

Here's a couple of tips to make our game better and more pleasant for everyone:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before game time
  • Check your cell phone before the game starts and turn it off or on silence
  • Make your lead before recording the contract
  • Delay any discussion of the previous hand until you have a break or after the game