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News Latest News July 18th

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STaC Week With Saturday Game

Most games during this week are STaC games, including Thursday AM, so you can earn lots of silver points. The table fee is $10 for STaC games. Check the SCBC calendar for details.

There is a Unit STaC game on Saturday at 10A. There is no requirement to sign-up in advance. Note, there must be 5 or more tables to run a STaC game.

Please contact Ken to request a partner: (831) 426-4949; via email to Partner Request.

Beginners Bridge Series #2 Starts September 10th

This series of 10 classes begins Monday, September 10, from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., at Santa Cruz Bridge Center. The series is highly recommended if:

  • You've taken Series #1, but not yet had Series #2, OR
  • You haven't played bridge for a while and want to brush up on the basics, OR
  • You want to take the series again because it contains so much valuable material.

Advance registration is required. To find out more about the series or to register, please contact teacher Sydney J. Reuben sydneyjane210@gmail.com.

Patience & Teaching

Trying to teach or give advice during a game is not effective and might even be seen as a violation of ACBL rules (see Law 74.A.2, Etiquette of Word and Action: A player should carefully avoid any remark or action that might cause annoyance or embarrassment to another player or might interfere with the enjoyment of the game.)

  • Don't teach at the table; waiting until the game is over is much more effective
  • Giving advice during the game is bad strategy, typically unwanted and could easily be wrong
  • Talking about a board/result often reaveals details of the board to other players
  • Even well-meaning advice might be taken as criticism, which is unethical, rude and a violation of the Laws