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Unit 550
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Triple Points Games

The Monday Afternoon, Wednesday Evening 99er and the Friday Open games award triple points this week!

299er Unit Game

Due to the success of the July 299er Unit Game, the second Unit Game of each month this year will be limited to 299ers. The next 299er Unit Game is Saturday, October 29 at 10:30A, with a mini-lesson by Nancy Wainer, extra masterpoints and great snacks. Come on in and join the fun!

Please sign up at the SCBC or by email to 299er Unit Game Sign Up. If you need a partner, indicate that in the email and we will try to arrange one for you.

Friday Pizza

Starting October 21, the Friday lunch charge for pizza, salad and a dessert is raised to $7. The cost for lunch was exceeding income; in order to continue delivering high quality pizza an increase in price was required.

Another change being implemented on a trial basis is collection of the game and optional lunch charges at the door. Hopefully this new process will speed the start of game and end the disruptions that occur when money is collected at the table.

Making Our Game Better

Here's a couple of tips to make our game better and more pleasant for everyone:

  • Check your cell phone before the game starts and turn it off or on silence
  • If you are on lead, make it before writing down the contract
  • Delay any discussion of the previous hand until you have a break or after the game

Play Nice At The SCBC

The Unit Board of Directors wants to grow games at the SCBC, which benefits everyone. Growth often means there are newer players moving up to Open games. The Unit encourages everyone to Play Nice; you can read what "Play Nice" means by clicking here. Please treat all players with consideration and respect and have more patience with our newer players who are "moving up".

Below are some examples of commendable behavior, which, while not required, will significantly contribute to everyone's enjoyment of the game:

  • Being a good host or guest at the table.
  • Greeting others in a friendly manner.
  • Praising the bidding and/or play of the opponents.
Here's behavior which violates the ACBL Zero Tolerance guidelines.
  • Badgering, rudeness, insinuations, intimidation, profanity, threats, or violence.
  • Negative comments concerning opponents' or partner's play or bidding.
  • Constant and gratuitous lessons and analyses at the table.
  • Loud and disruptive arguing with a director's ruling.
Masterpoint Winners
Click Tue Eve (10/25) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Harold Rodgers - Howard Feldstein 64.08 1st A 0.56
Alan Chase - Robin McDuff 61.33 1st A 0.56
Lois Wolfe - Peggy Dilfer 56.67 2nd A 0.39
Jack Simon - Judith Franich 54.75 2nd A 0.39
Ginger Stone - Walter Goldfrank 52.50 3rd A 0.28
Linda Hanson - Richard Wasserstrom 52.50 3rd A 0.28
Harold Wasserstrom - Steven Smith 51.25 2nd B 0.28
Dennis Claussen - Michael Burtch 44.00 2nd B 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Tue AM (10/25) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Richard Hill - Robin Evenden 64.58 1st A 0.90
Carol Maggipinto - Ken Gamble 62.73 2nd A 0.63
Kenneth Johnson - Vincent McLoughlin 57.18 1st A 0.90
Josh Karter - Richard Wasserstrom 55.09 2nd A 0.63
Annemarie Moller - Phyllis Cramblet 53.01 3rd A 0.45
George Beard - Salvatore Turano Jr 52.55 4th A 0.32
Elena Laborde Bishop - John Hullman 51.85 3rd A 0.45
John Oppenheimer - Roxana Perkins 48.84 4th A 0.32
Bonnie Simon - Marilyn Diola 48.61 2nd C 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Mon Eve (10/24) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Francine Raphael - Sigrid Lohnberg 61.00 1st A 0.60
John Wesolowski - Sydney Reuben 59.33 1st A 0.60
Peter Vokos - Terry Vokos 56.78 2nd A 0.42
Ann Sydes - Gloria Dioszegi 55.22 3rd A 0.30
Allan Kass - Jeff Easter 54.00 2nd A 0.42
Michael Burk - Thomas Burke 53.78 3rd A 0.30
Lesley Waltner - Steven Nelson 53.73 4th A 0.21
Betty Wilkinson - Diane Gunter 53.67 4th A 0.21
Joy Gift - Sharol Sevilla 53.11 3rd B 0.21
Carol Cowen - Gina Brown 43.22 1st C 0.10
Masterpoint Winners
Click Mon Aft (10/24) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Barry Samuel - Malcolm Sprott 61.67 1st OA 3.19
Carol Maggipinto - Richard Hill 60.83 2nd OA 2.39
Donald Seldeen - Ken Gamble 60.00 3rd OA 1.79
Ann Ottenberg - Robin Evenden 58.75 4th OA 1.35
Annemarie Moller - Dorothy Malutta 52.50 2nd OB 1.48
Kenneth Martin - Susan Benich 51.25 3rd OB 1.11
George Beard - Pamela Benz 50.00 4th OB 0.83
Masterpoint Winners
Click Sun Aft (10/23) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Laura McCabe - Pamela Benz 67.13 1st A 0.40
John Benich - Susan Benich 61.38 1st A 0.40
Joanne Turnquist - Karen Schamberg 56.13 2nd A 0.28
Farol Henderson - Mark Hasey 53.63 2nd A 0.28
Harold Wasserstrom - Phyllis Wasserstrom 45.73 1st B 0.24
Masterpoint Winners
Click Fri AM (10/21) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
James Slinger - Phillip Rodriguez 63.89 1st A 1.00
Susan Slinger - Virginia Calhoun 60.65 1st A 1.00
Carol Maggipinto - Richard Wasserstrom 60.19 2nd A 0.70
Dorothy Malutta - Vicki Kuhlmann 56.94 1st B 0.56
George Beard - Salvatore Turano Jr 55.56 2nd A 0.70
Ken Gamble - Richard Hill 53.47 2nd B 0.39
Janet Tainty - Linda Hanson 52.78 3rd B 0.28
Alicia Keen - Robert Johnson 51.39 3rd A 0.50
Harold Rodgers - Steven Smith 50.46 4th A 0.35
Masterpoint Winners
Click Thu Eve (10/20) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Josh Karter - Rick Zinman 62.13 1st OA 2.81
Alan Chase - Robin McDuff 60.88 2nd OA 2.11
Lani Ray - Richard Wasserstrom 59.51 3rd OA 1.58
Ginger Stone - Jan Winham 50.13 4th OA 1.19
Henrietta Cooper - Mark Hasey 48.37 4th OB 0.68
Masterpoint Winners
Click Thu Aft (10/20) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Kenneth Llacera - Mick Friedberg 63.55 1st OA 2.40
Carol Maggipinto - Ken Gamble 58.85 2nd OA 1.80
Farol Henderson - Janet Tainty 53.70 1st OB 1.37
Paula Cole - Suzanne Haley 53.24 2nd OB 1.03
Alicia Keen - Robert Johnson 53.13 3rd OB 0.77
Masterpoint Winners
Click Wed Eve (10/19) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Angie Millslagle - Melinda Kovats 64.44 1st A 0.42
Darby Kremers - Sydney Reuben 57.22 2nd A 0.29
Carol Cowen - Gina Brown 55.00 3rd A 0.21
Lesley Waltner - Steven Nelson 53.33 1st A 0.42
John Wesolowski - Michael Burk 52.22 2nd A 0.29
Cynthia Copple - Sheri Norbosh 50.00 3rd A 0.21
Masterpoint Winners
Click Wed Aft (10/19) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Linda Hanson - Richard Wasserstrom 62.20 1st OA 3.19
Heather MacGregor - James Slinger 57.14 2/3rd OA 2.09
Jonni Faircrest - Walter Goldfrank 57.14 2/3rd OA 2.09
Ann Ottenberg - Mick Friedberg 56.25 4th OA 1.35
Mark Wainer - Nancy Wainer 55.06 3rd OB 1.18
Carol Avenmarg - Ken Gamble 50.89 4th OB 0.89
Carol Maggipinto - Susan Slinger 50.89 3rd SA 0.80
Fred Velez - Mary Peterson 47.92 2nd OC 1.19
Joanne Bruno - Susan Benich 47.02 3rd OC 0.89
Masterpoint Winners
Click Tue Eve (10/18) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Carol Avenmarg - Kristin Smith 61.42 1st A 0.96
Dennis Claussen - Michael Burtch 60.08 2nd A 0.67
Bette Harken - David Harken 57.42 3rd A 0.48
Peter Vokos - Terry Vokos 56.75 4th A 0.34
Harold Rodgers - Howard Feldstein 48.92 5th A 0.19

Mission: We are the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) of Santa Cruz County, Unit 550. Our mission is to promote the game of bridge, support the six bridge clubs operating within Unit 550 at the SCBC, provide a pleasant environment, and operate effective facilities for playing duplicate bridge in Santa Cruz.

Schedules: The Club Schedule lists the regular club game schedule. The Unit Game Schedule is available from the left menu. Clicking on Calendar displays all the games this month with changes from the regular schedule. There are daily and evening games; some are open to players of all levels while others are reserved for newcomers, novice and/or intermediate players. Contact any of the Bridge Club Owners listed below or call the SCBC with questions or partner requests.

Game Results: Click on Results or on the (includes hand records) or (results only) in the Calendar. If the results don't appear, you probably have pop-up blocker turned on.

Bridge ClubO w n e r / D i r e c t o rP h o n e
Bid 'em UpNancy Wainer(831) 465-1234
EurekaBill McIntosh(408) 842-4886
MonarchMark Hasey(831) 427-2112
Bridge4FunJan Winham(831) 291-0479
Santa CruzUnit 550 Board of Directors(831) 465-1102
Bridge BecauseRobin Evenden(831) 462-5367
FinesseMary Pulliam(831) 295-2051

Classes: If you are interested in learning bridge or improving, a consolidated list of classes is viewed by clicking on "Learn Bridge" and selecting "Lessons". Classes details are found via the links.

Questions: You can find most information about Unit 550, the Board and members on this website. For example, a display of Unit 550 Life Masters is found under Accolades. You can print out pages which have a printer icon by clicking on the icon and using the browser's File ► Print menu.

If you have any questions about games or lessons please call us at (831) 465-1102 or send us an email at info@santacruzbridge.org.

Note: Please observe our non-smoking, fragrance-free environment.

We look forward to seeing you at the tables!

Your Unit 550 Board of Directors